About the site

I am a white male with a middle class southern childhood, believe in a higher power, straight, widower with children from different ethnic backgrounds both adopted and biological.  I have equally love for my gay and straight children.  I’ve been poor, well-to-do, then poor again.  Never finished college nor much of anything I started.  Life for me has been mostly blind chance and dumb luck with a little divine intervention mixed in for good measure.  Had my share of good and bad, volunteered for the military but got rejected, and am a member of AARP with far greater than average medical needs.  I think its important when considering a person’s views that you understand where they’re coming from.  So, should you care to do so, you can weigh what I say against my background.

 Now, as my life approaches the finish line I’ve finally opened my eyes and almost wished I hadn’t.  The country I have taken for granted all my life is staring doom right in  the face because too many of us have been just like me.  We get so wrapped up in our own lives that the only thing we care about is what benefits us personally and disregard the long-term consequences to the very country that has given us the freedom and life we have.  Whatever politician panders the most to our personal pleasure wins our support.  Even if deep down we know the promises are empty and just dig a bigger hole for the country and our children.  Things like truth fairness right or wrong have morphed in to a foggy mixture of what is easiest and gives us the most for the least.  It becomes easier to let someone else drive while we just go along for the ride getting something for nothing: or so we think.

That is why our country is fast becoming the LATE GREAT UNITED STATES.  This is the way it ends, not with a bang but a whimper.