The United States is not a Democracy

Most references including those from our presidents on down refer to our government as a democracy.  The truth is that it is a republic.  The framers of our constitution made sure that it was not.  In a true democracy, the majority makes the law without recourse for those affected by it.  If the voters decide that all black people are slaves, it becomes the law.  If they vote to make homosexuality a capital crime then being gay would cost you your life.  The result of pure democracy is that no person or group is ever safe from the tyrannical whims of their fellow Americans.  tyranny is still tyranny whether it be at the hands of a dictator or unfettered democracy.  Even a country ruled by the purest intentions of an angelic majority, would rarely have enough facts and knowledge at hand to make a fair and informed decision.  So, on one hand you have a dictator ruling by self-interest and on the other, a majority ruling without fully understanding, or perhaps even caring about the impact of those decisions.

Understanding this, our nation’s founders chose a representative form of government known as a republic. We pick a few trusted people with access to the facts and hopeful responsibly considering the constitutional consequences of their decision to represent us in matters of state. Of course there are checks and balances to assure personal freedom and protection for all.  In the past this has managed to keep the country generally headed in the right direction.

But that has all changed with the advent of modern mass media and what amounts to brainwashing by a runaway political system controlled by invisible king makers with greed and power their only concern.