The United States’ first King

In the two and a third centuries since the first president of the United States refused the mantel of king, Obama was the first to embrace it. Not in name perhaps but within his mind he and his loyal court of journalist and other yes men declare it de facto so.

Now when those in congress charged with the protection of the American citizen’s purse strings dare to assert their constitutionally mandated duty to challenge our half-loved king, he throws a tantrum worthy of a two-year old. He calls out “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS” to all those who dare challenge his divine right of kingship. Were the constitution still being enforced his caprice decisions to change the laws he and congress passed, or to selectively implement and ignore its various sections would be illegal. Where his tantrums ineptness and contempt for the country he was elected to serve not so destructive, it would be a joke.  


In the court of King Obama

The jester wears the crown



Student Visa Restrictions?

Recently Bob Beckel from the Fox TV program – THE FIVE – postulated a solution to a problem that most American’s are unaware even exist.  Every year thousands of students come here from across the globe to attend our world-class universities and study advanced subject such as computer technology, nuclear physics, advanced engineering and others that are the key to high technology societies.  Sounds great on the surface; universities profit and the students can go home to improve life there.  In most cases that is exactly what happens.  However, those from China and some Islāmic countries often have a far more nefarious purpose for attending.  Nearly all from China and a good number from Islāmic countries take that knowledge and turn it against us.  Bombs radicalization and general destruction of anything western seem to dominate the purpose of foreign Islāmic students.  From China the threat is more insidious than that.  Turning their skills toward stealing our military, social, and financial information for the sole purpose of leapfrogging us to a point where they can dominate world economic political and military events with the US impotent to stop them.

Paraphrasing Mr. Beckel’s postulate: Why the *&$$ are we allowing it.  He suggested a moratorium of visas until we can figure out a way to separate the wheat from the shafts Again, on the surface the idea has potential.  But, is it a necessary, or potential a good idea, or a bad idea. What say you all?

Four More Years of Hope for Change?

Obama speaking at 2012 State of the Union

President Obama

When President Obama ran for office, he promise Hope and Change.  The truth is we have waited, four years hoping for change.  Do we really want to go through four more years of lies, truths twisted to say the opposite of their intent, disregard for the constitution, inept leadership, fiscal suicide, and so very much more?

To be fair, he did bring change and he did bring hope.  Change came in the form of class warfare racial division and masterfully creating what Abraham Lincoln referred to as a house divided against its self.  He did bring us hope; hope the country would survive his ego trip.