Islam – Pious or Profane


Though I am Christian and don’t see ever changing that, recently I have come to gain a new respect for the true teachings of Mohammad. As with the evolution of all religions, Islam has been twisted by those seeking power over it.  So much so that, just as I believe Jesus would do, Mohammad would weep in the depths of his soul at how the imperfections of man have butchered his message.

The problem with any religion is typically not in its sacred values, but rather in humans using it to their advantage. Many passages in every sacred text are subjected to twisting or selective reading.  People that would do evil frequently find their most ardent followers through twisting the words of the appropriate sacred text.  As evidence consider the atrocities of the Christian crusades. They were instigated in major part by corruption of the power of the Roman church. Today we have the horrors of terrorism at the bidding of equally twisted ayatollahs, mullahs’ grand mufti and political leaders in Islam. 

The peaceful beauty of any prophet’s message is inexorably usurped through human misuse and perpetuated in that state by heretics from many sources. Few are guiltless in these perversions. From power brokers media sources and every day adherents to the Christian perspective to their counterparts in Islam, the tendency is to push what supports your own prejudice and ignore the rest.

Whatever you may call its bringer, prophet, teacher, or son of God; can any set of religious teachings survive uncorrupted?


The best we can hope for is that many more try, within human ability, to perpetuate its true meaning than twist it to their self-serving desires. Those that would corrupt must be called out and condemned in the strongest terms. In this one duty, I find my greatest disappointment with modern Islam.