Digging Our Own Grave

Recently Bob Beckel from the Fox TV program – THE FIVE – proposed a solution to a problem that most American’s likely have never thought about.  Every year thousands of students come here from across the globe to attend our world-class universities and study advanced subject such as computer technology, nuclear physics, advanced engineering and others that are the key to high technology societies.  Sounds great on the surface; universities profit and the students can go home to improve life there.  In many cases that is what happens.  However, those from China and some Islāmic countries often have a far more nefarious purpose for attending.  Many from China and a good number from Islāmic countries take that knowledge and turn it against us.  Bombs radicalization and general destruction of anything western seem to dominate the purpose of foreign Islāmic students.  From China the threat is even more insidious. They turn the knowledge they have obtained toward stealing our military, social, and financial information. Then they use that knowledge for the sole purpose of leapfrogging us to a point where they can dominate world economic political and military events with the US impotent to stop them.   

Paraphrasing Mr. Beckel’s thought: Why the *&$$ are we allowing it.  He suggested a moratorium of visas until we can figure out a way to separate the wheat from the shafts. Does he have a good idea?

A lost opertunity

In President Obama’s book Dreams From My Father his recollections from his youth tell the story of his transition from a search for identity to rejecting the totality of his heritage in favor of absolute identification with one half and complete rejection of the other.  I am not about to judge him for it but I do bemoan the tragic loss of a golden opportunity for a future leader of the free world to use his own ethnicity to bridge the chasm between the world of being black and the world of being white.

Nelson Mandela embraced his heritage while maintaining a sense of brotherhood for the whites that were abusing and persecuting him. What he did transformed a country and set off a wave of freedom that continues throughout the world.  Think what Obama could have done if he had chosen a message of unity instead of racial division and class warfare in his doctrine of ‘Obama Über Alles’.

I urge you to read it for yourself, but I believe the book also shows a steady progression toward a radical believe about this country that he still hold.  He has come to accept as fact that capitalism by its very nature is an evil that must be contained with massive regulation if not eliminated all together.  It’s a belief that is easy to embrace.  On its surface the promise that everyone has the right to be supported at an equal level with poverty and disadvantage a thing of the pass is quite compelling.  Capitalism however purports to reward people based on their ability, wiliness to work and, just plan luck.  It’s that luck part that seems to be the most damming of its traits.  So many seem left behind simply because of the circumstances of their birth.  A lazy brainless idiot can live the life of a king thanks to what his great-great-grandfather achieved while a child of misfortune languishes in poverty.  It also allows success to pass unencumbered to the next generation while leaving behind many who through no fault of their own experience the negative side of luck.

If it were actually true and that simple, I would be a card carrying socialist myself.  The closer truth is that socialism has never worked as intended and inevitably has the exact opposite results. Under socalism there will still be a power elite, haves and have-nots.  In fact, once your established in a given socioeconomic condition upward mobility is almost impossible.  There will be have-nots that are irrevocable doomed to stay where they are.

In a capitalist society such as the United States once was, there will still be a power elite, haves and have-nots plus a flurishing middle class existing in between.  The major difference is that there is  a middle class and members of each class can rise and fall on individual merit.  Left to its own devices, capitalism will eventually accommodate the can do and eliminate the wont’s.  Sure there will be exceptions, but it is socialistic attempts to prevent that which will doom us all to the very rigidity of social structure that it attempts to prevent.

God, however you conceive him/her, has blessed this country with the best constitution in history.  Lets stop screwing it up.   Can it be made even better? Absolutely!  But the path toward socialism we are on now will destroy us as a nation.

The United States is not a Democracy

Most references including those from our presidents on down refer to our government as a democracy.  The truth is that it is a republic.  The framers of our constitution made sure that it was not.  In a true democracy, the majority makes the law without recourse for those affected by it.  If the voters decide that all black people are slaves, it becomes the law.  If they vote to make homosexuality a capital crime then being gay would cost you your life.  The result of pure democracy is that no person or group is ever safe from the tyrannical whims of their fellow Americans.  tyranny is still tyranny whether it be at the hands of a dictator or unfettered democracy.  Even a country ruled by the purest intentions of an angelic majority, would rarely have enough facts and knowledge at hand to make a fair and informed decision.  So, on one hand you have a dictator ruling by self-interest and on the other, a majority ruling without fully understanding, or perhaps even caring about the impact of those decisions.

Understanding this, our nation’s founders chose a representative form of government known as a republic. We pick a few trusted people with access to the facts and hopeful responsibly considering the constitutional consequences of their decision to represent us in matters of state. Of course there are checks and balances to assure personal freedom and protection for all.  In the past this has managed to keep the country generally headed in the right direction.

But that has all changed with the advent of modern mass media and what amounts to brainwashing by a runaway political system controlled by invisible king makers with greed and power their only concern.